Communication Tools

Robust video stream tool by ePrabodh allow Teachers to stream lectures live to students siting at remote location.

The trick to any provide holistic solution for Digital Learning is both creating a reason for people to go there, then making it the most comfortable option. A great way to do this is to flip the classroom, a technique that’s becoming increasingly popular. Essentially rather than having students study in lessons they do the theory work at home, so when they come in the lessons become discussion and debate. It’s a highly effective method, and more closely resembles the university model that many students will have to adapt to.

ePrabodh Learning Assistance is designed to make Flip Classroom more effective and befenicial for students.

Administration Tools

A teacher can enroll a student or cancel enrollment at any point of time, enrollment can be paid or free as per teacher’s wish.

It’s not just quantitative data you can assess on – our software is capable of receiving written assessments as well. Rather than worrying about broken printers or lost papers, you can have your students hand in their work digitally. You can then track this and mark it, with the results being written back into your MIS, if you have integration with that. A little bit of time spent setting up the assignments can save you a huge deal of paperwork down the line, a common theme with ePrabodh’s Learning Assistance s in general!

Productivity Tools

A wide range of resource types can be added to a course section using ePrabodh’s extensive resources.

Teachers who are making great use of ePrabodh, they say Online Tests are one of the most popular ways to assess knowledge. They are very simple to create. They can choose from various types of question to ask, such as multiple choice, free-text, choose from a list and more. It’s a really easy way to test your students’ knowledge on a topic.

This availablity of their day-today learnings on their smart phones will help students form habit of healthy usage of the internet.

Student Involvement Tools

Student communities, Discussion Forum, and Profiles help students involve more in learning.

In this time of Digital India, where access to smart phone and internet has been drilled down to grass root level. A survey revealed that smart phones and interent is enaging almost 40% of free time of youngsters in India which is almost 3 hours a day. So it becomes imperative that students should be offered with such educational aids which will be accessible to them on their favorite device. This is what exactly ePrabodh does, it enables their educators with technology and resources to be able to make their teachings and learning available on all the internet enabled devices students so widely use and are habitual to.